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An online, self-service portal for all your HR needs.
Because you deserve an HR Guru.

Picture this. Your ministry is flourishing. Your community reach is growing. Your team is vibing. Then WHAM — you get hit with a costly HR compliance violation.

HR Ministry Matters doesn't want to bore you with a bunch of legalities. We just want to answer your questions and provide you some needed resources. We want to protect your ministry. Because we believe that ministry matters.

Live, Unlimited HR Advice
With HR On Demand

Have a doozy of a question? Call one of our certified HR advisors anytime between 8am-8pm EST, or—for the introverts— email our reps and receive an answer within 24 hours.

Optional Add-On: If you would like even more personalized support, we offer consultation at an additional hourly rate.

Workplace Training

Self-Guided or via Zoom

Training for your employees is often required by law. Our online portal offers dozens of online training videos.

Need that human interaction? We can also host a live training via Zoom and/or have an HR Specialist available for any questions you may have.

Templates Galore
With HR Support Center

Plus tools, trainings, checklists, and guides.


Our most popular resources include a multi-state handbook builder, dozens of customizable job descriptions, an intuitive law library by state, and much, much more.

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